Internet Predators on the prowl

Many people agree that children are the most vulnerable to Internet predators, and even though it’s true, adults also are exposed to the tricks of those hiding behind a device, responsible of family nucleus fragmentation and, in some cases, abuses not easy to erase.

This time, ZARZA Engineers address a series of recommendations and circumstances that should be internally discussed on families, to avoid complications and prevent incidents caused by Internet predators.

What should we know as a family about predators on the Internet?

Internet is an open door to the interior of our homes, to the core of our family nucleus, it’s a non visible danger unless we vent it and talk about it openly. Computers are not a game, nor are mobile devices, or any technological device that allows interaction from inside our homes or offices. These artifacts are beneficial to the extent of usage we do of them, however, in addition to the hacker threat, we are currently in the need to address the Internet predators.

Internet PredatorsThese people, who according to studies, by hiding behind the so-called “trolls” have a high percentage of psychopathy, seek to destroy others self-esteem, based on their weaknesses to manipulate their behavior and thus lead them to do things they wouldn’t do in other circumstances.

Internet predators are like any other criminal, with the added advantage that we don’t see their faces, and, in a chat room, messaging system, or in the famous discussion forums, they act with a cold behavior, measuring the physical and psychological weaknesses of those who are exposed to identity theft, knowing and studying their victims before contacting them, “sweetening them” and eventually extorting them.

It’s extremely important for parents to talk to their children and explain that strangers are strangers both in the street, and the computer, also that Internet predators often pretend to be children, who can even send photos and custom texts they have managed to get from other children, and thus when trying to convince the victim, the perpetrator establishes a relationship of trust, so the child eventually lower his defenses, believing he’s talking to someone his own age.

Internet Predators are ruthless

In the United States we have seen many cases when these predators know their victim so well that in addition to building relationships pretending to be children, they also pretend to be patients, getting to reinforce an image for months and even years that allows them to invite their victims to visit them, or to be picked up by their supposed parents, being then the last time it’s known about them, either for sexual abuse, or the eventual organ sale or sale of the whole child.

Did you know in the deep web children are sold on $10,000?online predator
You as Father and Mother, are responsible for opening your children’s eyes and explain to them Internet predators are on the prowl.

Predators are also looking for Mom and Dad

Outside U.S.A borders, in Colombia, a ZARZA Engineer became a technological embankment when an ex-boyfriend was constantly sending pornographic material to his former partner’s husband, constantly denigrating his wife making him believe she was with him when he was at work.

In the best private investigator’s style, our engineer was hired to install a GPS system on a mobile device, and additionally, install a camera system in our client’s house, who eventually managed to demonstrate that the photographs used by the ex-boyfriend, were from another time, his wife was faithful, she was at home while he was indeed working.

That case on South America reminds us that Internet predators are not always stranger, and technology is an ally key to stop them, however, the first step is always communication and rely on consulting with ZARZA Engineers, who are trained in White Hat Hacking, frequently collaborating with clients and authorities worldwide to identify, by custom solutions, those hiding behind a computer, enjoying to destroy the base of society, which is family.

Internet predators invest in high tech

Internet PredatorsRecently, one of our engineers in Costa Rica was working with the government’s agency of the country which, by the hand of the procuratorate, leads investigations to establish responsibility over the crimes, so in this process he told us how it was discovered that in order to anonymise their steps, some Internet predators, who based (and base) their business in human traffic, invest hundreds and thousands of dollars on keeping themselves hidden, in having the newest equipment, the largest and most expensive screens on the market… If they invest thousands of dollars in committing crimes, there is no reason why we shouldn’t also invest in our family’s protection, with the use of technology and the right advice of experts.

No matter the country you are at, we most probably have ZARZA Engineers settled there, who may help in any way, from ZARZA, we invite you to contact us and enjoy the appropriate consulting with those struggling everyday to provide our clients with tools so they can be protected against Internet predators.

We develop the tools, it’s up to you to raise awareness on your family. Let’s be a team today!