Preparing for a Hacker Threat

Nowadays, connecting a device to the Internet is enough for it to be scanned in just a few minutes by multiple botnets, looking to meet with those who aren’t prepared for a hacker threat; getting by their algorithms, to identify behaviors, vulnerabilities, becoming in short time, like social networks, an easy way for a stranger to know more about you, than you wish… And what’s worse, they may know more about your business than you do.

HackerThis time, ZARZA Engineers share essential information to start raising awareness on the importance for your organization on Preparing for a Hacker Threat.

What is the main thing we need to know to prevent attacks towards our organization?

The first thing to digest is that Internet is a bad-guys’ place, reverse engineering masters, relentless beings who dedicate their hobby hours to “hack” companies in “exotic” countries such as yours for example…, and have discovered in lifestyle, a way to make easy money at expenses of people who don’t care or invest in security to prevent attacks. The called Hackers are professionals who act against economic interests of those who still believe Internet is different from a marginal neighborhood. Don’t be one of these cases, continue learning about the importance of Preparing for a Hacker Threat.

Knowing your company’s reality you should take minimal precautions such as:

  • Look for technical or professional advice as your budget lets you, and thus Prepare for a Hacker Threat.
  • Use free software, like Adware and others you may find according to your needs.
  • Make an investment fund to upgrade your equipment and hire expert advice, preferably Engineers.
  • Define basic password changes policies, user levels management and network segmentation, as far as your knowledge, or ability to follow tutorials allows you to.
  • Perform guided investments, do not “shoot” resources without a defined goal, avoiding real Preparation for a Hacker Threat.

“It is always best to hire ZARZA professionals, who besides being engineers are experts in solving all your IT needs. Our service hour costs $100; from there, you will be able to log as a client into a world of services; which until recently were not available for entrepreneurs, businessmen and professionals in general. Click here if you want to hire a ZARZA Engineer right now…

If you have access to your office’s router, it’s important to consider:

Use the security it provides you: Most acceptable models have incorporated limited security features, among which may be firewall, port blocking, and in some of them more advanced options such as DDoS protection, etc. It’s important to be aware that most massive equipment, are equally massively hacked; not helping on Preparing for a Hacker Threat.

It’s always better to invest in a router that supports being flashed to DD-WRT or similar, or in case of ZARZA clients, use ultra safe customized firmware, connected to their online control panel from a ZARZA Private Node, gestated specifically to Prepare for a Hacker Threat.

What can you do to protect your network and prevent a hacker threat?

Hacker 1You have to intervene your connection and secure your data from the entry/exit point. This is a task for your IT professional of trust, or in case of our clients, for ZARZA Engineers.

In the case of ZARZA Corp clients, they feel satisfactorily protected, as they’ve successfully implemented load balancing solutions that have given viability to a real private network project (VPN), connecting to their offices what we call ZARZA Private Node, which is a concept of a safety net, designed to Prepare for a Hacker Threat, with encrypted traffic, but also allowing access to classic services like ZARZA Fast STMP (TM), DNS Speed Booster!, … and many other available as software based solutions developed by our talented Engineers.

Is it inaccessible for small business to live up to Wall Street firms on their local network level?

It was probably inaccessible before ZARZA Corp changed the rules. At ZARZA Corp we’ve made available to large, medium and small enterprises, the knowledge of the most talented Engineers in the market, specialists in Internet security who are permanently trained with the latest tools of reverse engineering, to be the best on Preparing for a hacker Threat.
Today, for a fraction of what other companies usually quote based on Hardware; small, medium and large businesses may have access to specialized consulting by certified Engineers, who have exercised for more than a decade, managing Internet networks that connect you and us today. That’s ZARZA level, the highest one.

What’s the minimum investment to get started?Hacker 2

The minimum investment to access a world of knowledge, is the payment of one hour of professional services with one of our Engineers, who will provide you remotely or physically, in countries where we have settled Engineers, the counseling you and your company need.

What do I get by paying one hour of Engineering?

You will receive full consultancy on the project of securing and taking your network to the highest standards in the world, for a really low cost. Many of our customers get surprised because we don’t work against the clock, actually, the intention to charge one hour of service is to separate serious clients from those who are not capable to count on our support, having to invest hours of their own time on Preparing for a Hacker Threat.

It’s not odd that during the “hour” of engineering many unknowns get solved, problems thought to be worse than anticipated get fixed, and in addition they have the benefit of receiving a free report with recommendations directly from the Zarza engineering

Does the ZARZA Report help on Preparing for a Hacker Threat?

Hacker 3The answer is a resounding yes, it does. The accurate and precise recommendations along with practical solutions, are without a doubt the right way to invest your resources. It’s not the same to “shoot” your resources everywhere, but to focus them on a permanent, low cost solution, that’ll give you the edge over your competition.

It’s time to Prepare for a Hacker Threat by using the service of professionals who, as them, are passionate of their job, but instead, our engineers are dedicated to protect, and them, to violate.

For more IT information you may contact us or consult with your trusted ZARZA Engineer.