Subdomains, a glance with the experts!

Subdomains are those who go to the left of the domain name registered, and provide access to content and services within that domain name, allowing to organize different servers and/or functions under a single domain authority. This time ZARZA Engineers will delve into the topic and give us an overview of its uses on the past, present and future.

Subdomains and their importance in the beginning of Internet

Perhaps many don’t know it, but in the early days of Internet, hosting and/or domains providers, began selling space in their own domains or even in folders on the right side of their domain name.

That made easier for organizations and companies, their beginning on Internet, having an address within the address of their provider and thus avoiding the costs of domain registration, which at that time were around $50- $100 per year, an amount that has currently been reduced to an average of $10 a year.

This feature gradually allowed many of the current .com to initiate, in the past, inside of another domain, and as their growth and funds let them, there were able to become independent.

Subdomains are a subgroup or sub-classification of the domain name, which is defined due to administrative or organizational purposes, which could be considered as a domain (second level domain) by itself.

Subdomains applications today.

SubdomainsSubdomains allow classification and resolution of IP addresses by themselves, allowing for example, classifying different services within a single domain, which both may or may not be listed into the same server.

For example, a basic area of a domain name, may include:
This is where the main content of the domain is shown, this is not a subdomain, but the mother domain.


This is a subdomain that, for some people, is in disuse, generating a redirection to the mother domain, showing by itself the main site’s content or including a cname registry to the primary domain.
This is a subdomain, specifically the subdomain *mail*, to which is usually assigned the outgoing and/or incoming mail server, allowing the use of the addresses and may or may not be hosted on the same server the domain mother is.
The FTP subdomain, specially on domains protected by services against dDoS, is usually used to connect to the File Transfer Protocol, which enables to us the option to modify, upload and delete files within the mother domain and its subdomains if configured as so.

Thus we could list other subdomains, as it may be for database servers, or well for other purposes.

Subdomains uses in the progress of Information Technology


Today, experts agree on using subdomains to separate languages within a domain, allowing us to see the website in a different language. For example, If the main version of a site is in English:, by using: we may display its version in Spanish, and so according to our preferences and needs of different languages. A clear example is, using for its version in Spanish.

Static Content

ZARZA Engineers have agreed on the use of subdomains to serve static content as one of the most modern uses of subdomains, thus being a recommended process both for content distribution networks, as for local configurations, allowing to serve faster
images, text documents, configuration files, utilizing cache systems and thus not affecting the performance of the main server, where queries to databases are run, and dynamic page generation is performed.

Tests and private content

At the same time, it’s a recommended use of subdomains to host subdomains such as or, etc and thus limit the access to these addresses to specific locations, which reduces the gap between local networks and the standardized use of the mother dominan in general. In case studies conducted b
y ZARZA Engineers, this process has achieved to enhance even search engine positioning and international rankings, which detect by themselves the use through their navigation bars, thereby increasing the relevance of the domain in a global level.

Have subdomains come to stay?

Subdomains 2Undoubtedly they have. Subdomains allow the use of a domain beyond the need to spend on additional addresses and domains, which eventually increases the customer’s bill without the need to, being able to use these resources to get a better and more professional advice.

The use of subdomains is being applied since the beginning of Internet, every day more IT professionals, as ZARZA Engineers, venture into finding more and better uses for this beautiful Internet tool.

For further questions, or if you require to contact your trusted ZARZA Engineer, we invite you to do so. We also invite you to contact us directly, from ZARZA we’ll help you with your projects of unify and protect your subdomains.

The limit is only defined by the industry’s needs. If it needs to be invented, we are here to invent it for you.