• Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision

    Peter Drucker

  • Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises


  • There are no shortcuts to any place worth going

    Beverly Sills

Information Technology Consulting

At Zarza, we often listen to stories with unhappy endings, stories of businessmen and executive managers of different organizations going through one or several web developing processes, investing on them thousands of dollars but in the end, after their money and time were invested, receiving less than expected, without even having the possibility of a real advantage on this so competitive world.

The consulting process is warranty of the investment’s return

We know cases when the trust of IT investors has been hurt, we face scenarios that confirm the fact that an expensive way to acquire experience is to hire non-experienced service providers. This is probably the reason why some people see websites, software and technology investment as a new field, and as something frequently developed by technicians with few knowledge who abuse of the confidence of those who should receive the best guidance.

Consultoría en Tecnología de la InformaciónAt Zarza we all are Certified Engineers accredited to work worldwide. Since 2003, we’ve worked along with companies on the Fortune 500, but keeping ourselves down to earth, sticking to our corporate values and to our responsibility to the final (or initial) resource, for those who want their money to be well managed, to turn their needs into possibilities and keep strictly attached to their investment’s return. We are experts on IT Industry’s happy endings.

What does the collegial Consulting IT process include?

Zarza Engineers can be hired from 1 hour onwards. On this time the client gains access to a wide spectre of options, handled and counseled by a professional who knows better than anyone the Industry’s management.

This ability and process management, among others, allows us to follow methodologically a winning scheme:

[st_row][st_column4][st_box title=”CHRONOLOGY” type=”success”][st_icon name=’calendar-o’ size=’icon-3′ color=”]The chronology of the process is developed on the first consulting, when a Zarza Engineer analyzes on a wide scale what needs to be done in order to reach the customer’s goals, then the final process chronology is documented. [/st_box][/st_column4] [st_column4][st_box title=”PLAN” type=”success”][st_icon name=’file-text-o’ size=’icon-3′ color=”] Along with the customer, the path to reach the consulting’s goals is defined, including budgets and different options to use the custom and/or free tools. [/st_box][/st_column4] [st_column4][st_box title=”CONSECUTION” type=”success”][st_icon name=’cubes’ size=’icon-3′ color=”] This is the heavy part of the job, on this step the engineer has coordinated what needs to be done, leading the project in a collegiate level to obtain the maximum performance on the investment, developing the product itself. [/st_box][/st_column4][/st_row] [st_row][st_column4][st_box title=”PRESENTATION” type=”success”][st_icon name=’image’ size=’icon-3′ color=”] When the initial goals have been reached, we face the stage when the client can see the results, having access and getting used to the usage of the new options, advantages and opportunities, based on his requirements. [/st_box][/st_column4] [st_column4][st_box title=”WARRANTY” type=”success”][st_icon name=’life-ring’ size=’icon-3′ color=”] The process requires revision and corrections based on the client’s feedback. We link the talent of Zarza Engineers, the commissioning in practical and real situations with the client’s  needs.[/st_box][/st_column4] [st_column4][st_box title=”BACKUP” type=”success”][st_icon name=’shield’ size=’icon-3′ color=”]Every consult gets expanded in different slopes, training processes find their place as well as improvements and/or periodic revisions that could be performed in a regular basis or planned among the years.[/st_box][/st_column4][/st_row]

At ZARZA we care about the right handling of your money, we care about the right investment for it and for the investment to be well returned, providing initially the client’s peculium so the results can create everyday an easier path for the re-investment and new opportunities for the future.

Start the Consulting Process Today

CONTRATE HOY UN INGENIERO ZARZATo start the consulting process today, we invite you to hire per hour a Zarza Engineer by clicking here, on a secure online payment platform. Once you’ve been contacted by one of our Engineers, he or she will guide you through the process giving out the best of him or herself to become your well trusted Zarza Engineer.

If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will.John Davison Rockefeller

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