Positive Attitude, Share your ZARZA Attitude!

Positive attitude is crucial in business, being one of the aspects to be monitored and treated efficiently and expeditiously, to prevent the corporate image of any institution being affected by an individual attitude; In this note we share our ZARZA attitude and provide some tips to “transform” your job atmosphere.

Share Your ZARZA Attitude!

We must remember that by sharing our positive attitude, we become part of a chain of energy, in which by doing something positive for someone, we are actually doing something positive for everyone. As being Zarza an international firm, dominant in the market, with hundreds of engineers worldwide, we have consolidated an internal philosophy that reflects the application of Zarza values, which seek to improve our customer’s processes with a positive attitude, complemented with actions and processes that overall improve labor and/or general interaction environments.

Alluding to this post, we want to share with you one of the Zarza Jingles. This time, from Costa Rica, they invite us to share our Zarza attitude with our Spanish jingle.

With a smile we bring calm to tempest…

Often, scenarios when ZARZA Engineers are summoned, are mission-critical scenarios with issues that affect our client’s business, like a network issue, incidents with a web site, an IP link, software difficulties, interactions and/or product positioning; all this resulting in work environments with high levels of tension and stress.

In these scenarios the most important is to keep a cool head and act quickly, either getting up the client’s services, such as correcting topology problems, or any necessary action. This is what has to be done, however, how we do it is important.

Sharing our ZARZA attitude, your positive attitude, let us increase the confidence and the availability of collaboration between parties involved. As a norm, the use of profanity, insults and/or having a bad mood, are circumstances that will not help to solve any problem, they’ll instead get people indisposed; so someone who could’ve helped you, will not.

A positive attitude changes lives!

POSITIVE ATTITUDEOften, in times of business difficulties, clients need to be supported by their suppliers and partners. Holding over our business, and professional relationships, a warm, honest, understandable treatment, will be an invaluable element to turn clients of opportunity into long-term clients who become friends.

From Zarza, we invite you to share your Zarza attitude, giving out daily the best of you, regardless of the position you are at, seeing difficulties as opportunities, knowing that the commitment of a positive attitude, is a commitment that separates those who have integral control of their beings and those who doesn’t.

As always, we end up this entry inviting you to consult with us with a click here or contact immediately your trusted ZARZA Engineer, and get to use positive attitude as a cog in your environment.