Deep web or Invisible Internet

Perhaps, the Deep Web is a myth for many people, but the truth is that it holds more than 95% of the web content, in contrast to 5% of what is available on the Internet we all know.

ZARZA Engineers receive training to protect and keep our clients aware of what Deep Web means. This time, they share with our readers data and facts probably unsuitable for minors or sensitive people.

Does the Deep Web really exist?

Yes it does. The Deep Web or Invisible Internet works in a different way to the Internet we all know. It’s based on anonymity from the conception of its operation, in technical terms this is because the conventional Internet responds to routes defined by traceable IP addresses between the server and the user, while the Deep Web does not allow the users to know where is the content they visit, know the server that hosts it nor where does the user’s query come from.

The Deep Web is not a myth, it’s certainly a reality that calls into question what we really know and understand as Internet.

What is trafficked in the Deep Web

Being basically a bridge based on anonymity, in the Deep Web we find in first instance various government institutions that have been given the task of fighting the market supported by this network, which is basically what occurs in the worst slums of all countries.Deep Web

In the Deep Web is trafficked the worst of society, such as:

Pornography: Mostly child prornography, however there of all kinds, they’re usually those associated with the most aberrant paraphilias imaginable.

Organ trafficking: In the Deep Web, human organs are traded as if we were talking about a conventional market, where even those who are sentenced to death in many countries, are set and offered as an everyday thing, but for the right price, often very low, basically any organ is available.

Rapes and murders: Not being a content suitable for Public Internet, in the Deep Web we find all kinds of recorded murders and rapes even pre-ordered; which feeds a market of people who would be considered public enemies.

Drugs: The drug commerce is simply unimaginable, since all cartels of the world distribute and trade without any hesitation, being protected by the anonymity the Deep Web offers.

Hacking: Although hacking is a very vast term, in the Deep Web it’s traded in the big leagues, where you can buy databases and services to keep websites down, and violate systems in both business and governmental level.

Piracy: Piracy is total and utter in the Deep Web, it’s actually where videos and premieres are first posted, usually to be then migrated to public sites that many people frequently visit in the public Internet.

Private Documents: On the Deep Web there is almost an infinite collection of military cases, alien reports and technology, as well as tutorials for the manufacture of weapons and explosives.

Reasons not to access the Deep Web

ZARZA Engineers, receive specialized training to access and manipulate the Deep Web’s contents, and are trained in both systems protection and specialization to cover their tracks and so protect our clients.

traumHowever, the regular technology user believes that using an anti-virus, a VPN system, and some other precautions, he could venture onto the Deep Web, that’s why there are many cases of computers being compromised within minutes, incriminating it’s user in cases of child pornography, identity theft, and parasitism of the work network. This is the fundamental reason why you shouldn’t access the Deep Web.

In addition, the psychological aspect, especially due to the disturbing contents available in the web, is one of the reasons why many people who have accessed it require even professional assistance to overcome the spine-chilling and harsh content found in the Deep Web.

The Deep Web is not an appropriate place for most people, that’s why it’s permanently being monitored by police teams worldwide.

Common sense leads us not to visit dangerous places in our city, it should be the same common sense or more what keeps us away from the Deep Web.

Usefulness of the Deep Web

The reasons why in some cases it’s important to count with the advice of specialized engineers, are basically protection. At ZARZA, we have developed important projects for companies in the banking sector and for government institutions, successfully obtaining additional information about attacks to their systems, based on what’s found and disclosed on the Deep Web.

Major Internet companies like Facebook for example, have identified thousands of compromised accounts on their systems because their engineers keep monitoring the Deep Web.deep-web (1)

In case of our clients, we always recommend not to rely too much, nor expose themselves too much. The Deep Web is where emerge the darker tastes and desires of mankind, as in the real world, however, being used by perhaps the most skilled technologists of all times, access it or look for contents therein without the right professional advice could be one of the worst mistakes you can make.

Levels of the Deep Web

The called Levels of the Deep Web have a subjective component which may vary between the categorization thereof, however for didactic purposes we’ll detail them below.

Level 1: This is the “top” or visible level of the Internet . Here it is what we know as Public Internet, where we access social networks, search engines and other websites.

Level 2: At this level are the piracy pages, explicit material forums, and resources at the margin of law.

Level 3: At this level we find massive download sites and networks with person to person and business to person content. This level is used to deliver any kind of material in violation of laws and international agreements.

Level 4: At this level it’s now needed the use of “Tor”, which we’ll probably discuss in a future note. At this level we find hidden pages and the anonymity starts to be virtually complete.

Level 5: Here we find criminal forums, excess of pornography and services both killing and rape, etc. This level is widely used by criminal networks to promote their services, exchanges, and also to market their merchandise.

Level 6: This level is classified, it’s commonly called “Mariana Islands”. This is where restricted government networks are, and also where communications among institutions of the highest levels are performed.

Level 7: The best hackers in the world are at this level, both who want to access Level 8, as those who control the level 8 and protect it. This level implies a complete illegality, because accessing this level require accesses that are only permitted from networks of national and worldwide security institutions.

Level 8: This level is known as the “End”, where “Internet ends”. Here are managed systems to shut down Internet in cities, countries and also to re-establish Internet in countries and areas where governments have blocked content. Level 8 also has unimaginable possibilities for filtering and port-mirroring, which are used by the major organizations in the world to spy other levels’ content.

Why to ventilate the Deep Web?

The Deep Web is a place where the darkest of human society is hosted, however, for authorities of countries and companies it’s essential to have control and presence of what’s being developed on their behinds. That’s why ZARZA Engineers have cooperated and cooperate with governmental organizations, big corporations, and other institutions that have achieved to save lives and protect their interests, based on a correct advice.

In regards to the conventional user, ZARZA and our Engineer’s advice is that, just as we talk to our children about the existence of places they shouldn’t frequent, in the case of the Deep Web, the best is to not access it.