7 Advices to Prevent Identity Theft

Zarza Engineers will explain in this note a few basic advises to keep yourself safe from Identity Theft, they’ll also expose some of the most frequent ways used Identity Theft is executed nowadays.

Identity TheftIn the U.S. almost every single person is used to keep as protected as possible their social security number, which is very confusing for foreign people since they are just not used to protect their personal information that zealously. The fact’s that by knowing the social security number of someone, you have access to almost everything about that person, including background and all important information when trying to steal someone’s identity. Given that, what could they do with your contacts, preferences and tons of your pictures?

Zarza Engineers provide support to enterprises, professionals and individuals all around the world, no matter the country, there’s certainly very valuable information that’s a “gold mine” for identity thieves who are specialists on putting the names and data of innocent people on delictive acts.

Nowadays is not unfamiliar anymore to see on the news headers, new cases of thousands of citizen’s information being exposed and violated by “the Internet bad boys”, hackers, crackers or whichever name you know them by.

To Avoid Identity Theft, we bring to you some recommendations directly from the experts.

  1. NickName – Internet is a virtual world, make it too attached to your real “you” is unnecessary

    The beginning of Internet gives us very curious data before social networks, that’s the NickName; which was the most common way to identify yourself on the web before the social networks phenomenon started with MySpace, Hi5, facebook and others, but, what are still the names of the “bad guys”? They’re still using NickNames!

  2. Anonymous Navigation – Your computer should know as much of you, or less, than your neighbors do

    When a mobile device, computer, mail server (In business cases), data base, etc, is stolen; the client doesn’t have the ability to retain the total amount of information that might end up in the wrong hands. A basic prevention is to use the incognito mode when navigating, it’s available on web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. However this is just an initial and basic step to be added to the use of anonymous VPNs, connection redirections…

  3. Third party pictures – Sometimes it’s better to use just an image of Donald Duck

    Pictures on social networks, mobile devices, networks called “Cloud”, etc, have been news all around the world, they’re as used for Identity Theft as they’re used by the police to detect and find individuals. Have you fallen into the trap?
    It’s possible that your picture is currently on the main national security databases around the world… However, it might be not that late for you, sometimes it’s better to keep your face hidden, especially when we have no idea who could be watching.

  4. Backup and encrypt – The most complex, the best…

    We’ve worked with clients using very sophisticated security systems, they actually hire us to infringe their systems and then apply the necessary corrective actions, but during the consulting process, Zarza Engineers discover that their “backups” are easily available, with no major encryption. Keep in mind that when you sleep, others get prepared to steal identities, hijack your information, extort you or even commit illegal acts using your data to implicate you. To backup is a “must” but to encrypt your information is even more critical.

  5. Use several email addresses – Different destinies, one receptor

    New clients use to come to us complaining because their emails have been “hacked”, but this issue starts due to the “public” status of the emails, so everyone can see them… We’re not always going to receive suspicious emails with congratulation or grateful messages, many times the only single fact of knowing our real email address puts in risk our mailbox. So first of all, we have to use a few different email addresses (redirected -if it’s the case-, or some alias), to segment the information and prioritize… There is no reason why you should have your main email address on databases of forums, newsgroups, on hands of Google, facebook, etc…

  6. Invest on prevention – Consult with professionals

    Everyday, all around the world, our Engineers share the sadness of new clients who take out their feelings with us, because they have spent thousand dollars on different antiviruses, firewalls and “infallible” actions that at the end are nothing but useless. It’s much better to spent less, go ahead and consult with a certified professional, your and your family’s security is not a game.

  7. Don’t use third party devices – Don’t lend your equipment nor use third-party equipment

    Security mock trials have proved that in 30 seconds, a professional can hack your computer, mobile device and/or tablet; but how? There are many ways, however, the main advice is to keep others away from where they shouldn’t be. Don’t lend your cellphone, don’t lend your computer, exactly as you don’t lend other staff.


Conclusion, just as well as in daily life… it’s cheaper to prevent!

We’re living on days when it’s easier for users to interact with best equipment. This is indeed good, so ideally, if you come to enjoy your phone, computer, and going further you come to commercialize your job by the usage of all this technology, this is the best moment to take a moment, be distrustful and ask yourself… Have I met all the above advices? If you want to go even a step further, contact us, our Engineers will help you protect yourself from all those guys staring across the street.

If you want more information and advices on how to avoid Identity Theft, you may contact us or consult with your personal trusted Zarza Engineer.