Dot COM: The Internet’s dominant TLD

After we addressed the topic choosing or changing a domain name, and our ZARZA Engineers ratified the superiority of the dot COM over other extensions, based on our readers requests we decided to aim on this topic and share crucial information for your represented, especially if you’re still not convinced that the .com extension is the Internet’s dominant Extension.

Internet was born with the Dot COM

The .com domain was one of the first top-level domains on Internet since January 1985, when the Domain Name System was implemented, including .edu, .gov, .mil, .net, .org and .arpa. From then until today, the Dot COM has not stopped until becoming and remaining as the major top-level domain.

After these, other large extensions such as .net were released, since then there are hundreds of other TLD (Top Level Domain), to the point that every country in the world has its own extension.

At the time when countries began to have their own extensions, we remember how in Peru became a major campaign for users to use, rather than .com; since then, this phenomenon has been replicated again and again in different latitudes of the earth, however, the Dot COM is the global standard, as pointed by VeriSign, who receives the control of the leader extension directly from the Department of Defense the United States.

Is the Dot Com for companies only?

The intended use of the Dot COM has been from the beginning for “Business entities worldwide”, however, main non-governmental organizations, for whom it’s created the .org, procure to have the .com due to branding effects, positioning, and global leadership.

.COM is the global online standard, and that’s why every Fortune 500 company and the world’s fastest-growing companies have a .COM. VeriSign, Inc.

Given this reality, yet many professionals prefer to recommend to their clients the use of third-level domains, such as in Argentina where sites have great relevance, and those who have a .com, almost must register the to avoid loosing visits; however, even there, the .com still keeps preponderance.

I want my .com but it’s taken!

Dot COMWe understand that many cases the use of .com is not possible because the desired domain is already registered, that leads to discuss trademark rights, however, we’ll probably discuss that in the future.

Facing the difficulty of registering a .com, the client should be advised by professionals, ideally by a ZARZA Engineer, who knows what actions to recommend and possibilities to use or not a Dot COM, a regional domain, or as we have done with hundreds of clients worldwide, helping them get their dreamed Dot COM at auction or by purchasing it directly from its owner.

There are many possibilities, like the use of generic Dot COM domains, to build your positioning strategy, and using regional domains for e-mails only or for merely informative sites.

We are here to help you beat your competition, and to exalt your capabilities facing your markets, whether local, regional or worldwide.