• Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. Design is how it works

    Steve Jobs

  • The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance


  • Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

    Edgar Degas

Web Design for Successful Projects

Despite the overall Web design’s marketing, which is frequently developed by unscrupulous people with lack of knowledge, offering web design/creation “solutions”, at Zarza, since 2003, we’ve learned that web design is an art, so, imitation exists. Massive creations, intended to cheat on even the most clever businessmen, prove that on Internet, we also find facts as common as “what’s cheap turns out to be expensive” or “not all that glitters is gold”; this is why ordinary-bad quality websites are not our business; we dedicate, along with our Engineers, to attend institutions looking to be leaders, to be on top of their market, institutions and people who know that their provider’s professional level is hand to hand to their initiatives success.

Web Design for Institutions on Vanguard

Aan specialized agency, Zarza does much more than just web development, Zarza builds successful projects, we’re specialized on creating powerful websites that return the investment, staying on top for several years after the client’s made the effort of investing on a professional and successful Web Design that combines appearance, security, usability and excellent performance.

Our Engineers count on their portfolio with experience with clients from more than 96 countries worldwide, given that Zarza has worked with clients on even the Fortune 500. This, away from meaning high costs for a well done Web Design, locates us in a scenario when our Engineers are hired by projects or per hours, responding on a high professional level to the needs of a select range of clients.






Zarza Web Design Goals

roi Your investment must generate conversions and returns that let you consider your operation as profitable, making you feel satisfied and happy.

To make this happen, our Zarza Engineers focus, during the consulting process, on highlighting in advance circumstances to be used on your web project for success, profit and progressiveness.

organicoThe difference between a web design developed to get organic traffic and one that doesn’t, resides on the fact that the organic one generates traffic on it’s own, while others require permanent spending, thus being more difficult to get the investment’s return.

At Zarza, we procure our client’s future budget to be spent on innovation, we don’t believe in non-smart websites. 


At Zarza, we want our clients to be able to update and handle their web projects by themselves, with few or no intervention of our Engineers.

This, in strict adherence to our vision of the client’s investment, so they can feel the project as theirs, since indeed, that’s the case.

usabilidadIn addition to the applicable technical concepts, we look forward to create user friendly websites, letting the end user to have a nice experience navigating, let them feel comfortable and trusty about our client’s professionalism.

By this, we create not only an informative website, but a tool to be frequently used.



  • Content management system
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Customized plugins
  • Multimedia galleries
  • SSL Encryption
  • Virtual Firewall
  • SEO/SEM Optimization
  • Social networks Interaction
  • Relational Databases
  • Smart forms
  • Statistics

Start the Web Design Process Today

CONTRATE HOY UN INGENIERO ZARZATo start the Web Design process today, we invite you to hire per hour a Zarza Engineer Today by clicking here, using a secure online payment platform. Once you’ve been contacted by one of our Engineers, he or she will guide you through the process, giving out the best of him or herself to become your well trusted Zarza Engineer.

The question isn’t, Is it possible for me to do that? Now, the question is, Will I choose to do it?Seth Godin

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ZARZA and our Engineers are specialists on all you see on the Internet, what you haven’t seen yet, and what you will see!