Educational Technology: From traditional to digital

Since the ’50s decade in the United States, we began to see the first approaches or trends that pointed using audiovisual support for programmed and institutional instruction, in curricular benefit of those who, today more than ever, enjoy the benefits of Educational Technology, that has leaded educational organizations in a line that only has one direction… forward.

Educational Technology promotes success

All across the planet, from different latitudes where ZARZA has settled Engineers, we have received and developed significant experiences with institutions of all academic grades. Now we are currently working on complex virtual education models, entirely based on remote classes, remembering us how for over the past 10 years we have been implementing systems for schools, colleges and Institutions of Higher Education, to improve their users’ care and education.

Educational Technology has exploded since it’s early progress over half a century ago, being today a phenomenon that has completely reached our children and young people, who have changed pencil and paper for tablets and laptops, carrying with them powerful memories, instead of heavy books that compromised their backs plus other physical conditions.

Today, the Educational Technology’s promotion has succeeded in diversifying teaching with dynamic activities, covering more information in less time; as demanded by the world we live in now.

Challenges of Professionals, from traditional to digital

Educational TechnologyIt is and has been extremely rewarding to participate in processes worldwide, when technologists, educators and ZARZA Engineers are raising successful strategies, mixing the added knowledge of generations of educators with the “new”, the digital, what keeps the attention of those who today are completely digital natives.

In this process, teachers and students are challenged to assume with positivism the change of a new era, when Educational Technology means so much emotion, as responsibility and willingness to do something good, something much better.

Among the organizational challenges there’s always the administration and monitoring of agendas and databases, as well as care of the contents accessible from the institution’s installations, being this an opportunity to address as a second home, social and communitary issues that used to pass completely unnoticed.

Educational Technology on vanguard of tomorrow

Undoubtedly, technologies facilitate processes more and more every day, however, the viewer eye and the right advice of ZARZA Engineers, trained to develop complex and simple environment for students and administrative team, besides becoming a need, it’s an exquisite opportunity to enjoy the historical moment, to make history with Educational Technology.

Educational technology ZARZA kids

You are cordially invited to enjoy advice and options that ZARZA Engineers have available and can develop to suit all types of educational, commercial and non-commercial organizations. Contact today your trusted ZARZA Engineer, or contact us right now and be also part of this dizzying race to the gradual and consensual evolution of Educational Technology.