Email on your own domain, luxury or need?

Free emails have been very helpful for this media’s growth, however, many entrepreneurs, professionals and organizations ignore even till today, why an email on their own domain may give them although a competitive advantage, data protection and confidentiality on their communications.

What’s the difference between a free email and an email on your own domain?

emailiconLet’s use as example the name of a company called “The Handsome’s Consulting”, let’s suppose that instead of having an Email on his own domain like: [email protected], he uses a free email such as [email protected] or [email protected], or maybe [email protected]. If by first impression you were asked which one seems to be a more professional supplier, and could only base your thought on the e-mail, you might probably be, as 9 out of 10 people confirming that an email on your own domain is synonymous of trust.

Main aspects to consider

  • Brand management: By using the name of the company or organization to the right of the “at sign”, the client is “forced” to concentrate on the provider’s name, not the brand names of free emails suppliers.
  • Emails Capacity: Free emails are limited on attachments capacity, in some cases on space and in other cases limitations even to the amount of contacts on the agenda. This, for a professional organization, is an unnecessary limitation.
  • Amount of accounts: With a Email on your own domain, organization can provide their partners with emails under their own domain, therefore, officialize communications without limiting the amount of accounts, without requiring all communications to be issued from one single email.
  • Control over your emails: Being client and owner of several email accounts on your own domain, if you wish to open, delete, update, redirect or inspect an email; it’ll entirely depend on your needs; circumstance that’s impossible with a free email.
  • Password recovery: As we know, a hacker threat is always latent, so using an Email on your own domain can help you recover the password of violated services in few steps, without worrying of your email being also a target of the bad guys on the Internet. In this respect it’s important to stress that to restore or regain access to a free email you must do several steps, there are many stories of people who have lost access to their free e-mail, and have had to open a new one… with emails on your own domain this process is left behind, since your provider will always be able to help you reset your password and regain your account in few minutes.

Get an Email on Your Own Domain Today

Internet is full of hosting offers which usually include emails, however, being mass hosting services designed to host websites, databases, e-mails, web applications, etc; you could eventually face difficulties even with an Email on your own domain. That’s why Google, Microsoft and other giants of the industry have launched several options that could exclusively satisfy these needs, however, they’re at the same time, targets of the most largest privacy incidents in history.

In 1971, Ray Tomlinson implemented the use of “@” as a divider between the user, and the server that owns and/or hosts the email. The @ sign is read as “at” so for example “[email protected]” is read as “sales at yourorganizacion dot com”.

The above quote is a clear sign that the email is intended to be an integer address, directed to position your brand, and please this way your buyers and potential users.

Understanding the above, you may use a conventional hosting service, email specialized third-party services, or well, give yourself the opportunity, for the same price or even less, of an engineer developing a strategy that best suits your scenario.

How to invest properly in the best and most complete Email on your own domain?

The Ideal will be consulting with your trusted ZARZA Engineer, he’ll advise you on the best way that suits your requirements, meet your goals and expectations. Without a doubt, the best email service on own domain, is the one suggested taking into account several factors, like amount of emails, capacity and speed required, and current platforms you feel most comfortable with.

Business-womanIn case of ZARZA Engineers, we think it’s always better to separate e-mail services by configuring independent platforms, which for a few dollars a year, will provide access to an email service with secure self-control, reliable, custom, and also protect your privacy; without affecting your pocket of course.

On previous occasions we’ve addressed the importance of the emails delivery rate, and this topic, being addressed by a professional in Information Technology, would be an additional advantage to be considered, and that will not imply an excessive increase in your emails investment.

We invite you to hire the services of your trusted ZARZA Engineer in your country, or well contact us directly, we will gladly design a plan tailored to your represented to add versatility, reliability, availability and protection to your privacy by using one, or several email accounts on your own domain.

For more information on obtaining one or more e-mails with own domain you may contact us or consult with your trusted ZARZA Engineer.