Digital Natives: Children of today, Technologists of Tomorrow

Except of some digital natives in the late nineties, most born in the first decade of 2000, and overall all newborns of this current decade of 21st century, are known as Digital Natives…

This time, our Engineers share from an adult perception, their thoughts on what’s been, what is, and what could we expect in matters of assimilation of the future technologists, as well as their future professional path.

Is The Digital Era equal for everyone?

It’s certainly not. Many people, due to their financial situation, age or geographic location, are very far away from being digital natives, however, nowadays many children have a much closer relation to Information Technology than most born on the the twentieth century were able to experience.

This digital era demands significant challenges for all professionals, and those starting their path, choosing either a technical or a professional career or even going for a specialization.

Real progress happens only when advantages of a new technology become available to everybody Henry Ford

chupeta Nativos Digitales
Technology’ll aim more and more everyday, this by hand of successful products that enhance our lives, as new trends boiling up and dying in front of our eyes, as it’s been the case of certain video game consoles, “netbooks” and others, that maybe in the future’ll need to be reinvented.

On this Digital era, professionals must know about technology, however it doesn’t mean everyone has to be Software, Computing Systems or Information Technology Engineers, because specialization’ll always require more time, investment and why not… vocation. So it’s comprehensible to see our children becoming professionals on several different fields, but also knowing a lot about technology.

Challenges and advantages of Digital NativesEinstein child Digital Natives

Society’ll constantly come up with digital stimulants associated to a brand new world all of us are going to join in… So now more than ever, we should care on our technology investments being appropriated and well handled by a professional. There are plenty options in the market, but not all suit our business needs nor our budget as parents or as an organization.

This directly affects our children, since we may invest on many video game consoles, different computers and technological devices to speed up their cling to technology, or we may rather invest on a technological line that’ll let them anticipate their own time’s needs.

Video games are without a doubt a great fine motor skill enhancer, technology linker and new worlds discovery way, however due to their commercialization, in many cases teach lots of risky anti-values for our kids understanding.

Face to this, investing on childish games is crucial, along with basic options as notebooks and software focused on providing eventually needed knowledge for future professional exercise.

Tips for Digital Natives’ Tutors

  • Web browsing courses: Even tough Digital Natives navigate better than many adults, it’s important to teach them basic fundamentals of it, as the use of browsers and “touch” interaction with consoles, which will become more frequent.
  • Parental Control: On every device, we must install software that let us deny access to all websites considered harmful and unsuitable for children. Nowadays we find blocking options on many antivirus software, so we can keep our digital natives away from bad influences on the web.
  • Favorites manage: Teaching our children to navigate based on favorite sites and links lists we trust for their enjoy, is a very important tool that let us focus their time spent on technology, on sites we’ve already approved.
  • Check the history: Checking the browsing history has to be a daily task, since instead of invading their personal space, we’re accomplishing our duty to protect their innocence, keep away and block, helped by software or customized network policies on the home network, access to sites with violence, adult content or just websites that doesn’t meet our criteria as a family.

What is the backup of Digital Natives?

Digital NativesThe backup of Digital Natives will be, as our current backup is, getting professional guidance by looking for ZARZA Engineers advice, specialized on solving all kind of network issues, computing systems and software in overall; or even specialize themselves, becoming Engineers and being who will guide other professionals on their professional fields.

In Zarza Corp we are very enthusiastic with the early manage of technology we see on our children, also because many of our current Engineers started on their vocation on an actually early age. That makes very clear the need of constant growing, to keep offering better products, and to keep investing a wide amount of time and resources on being the very best allies for our clients, so they can keep being the best on their own professions and fields, becoming much closer to technology every day, but always being supported for those who have chosen to be on top, being just the best on the Industry of Information Technology.

We want to encourage you to enjoy teaching and being a Digital Native, ZARZA Corp pledges to remain consistent in our vocation and pursuit of excellence, along with our international firm’s values.

Many of our clients have hired ZARZA Engineering services to keep track on their own homes and organizations (nurseries, schools, high-schools, boarding school, among others) so they can keep safe all the ideals to protect the technologist of tomorrow.