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You spent hours creating a great Web site, so make sure that you have the vital information you need to create the best site possible. provides accurate, up-to-the-minute reports on how your Web pages are being used by visitors to your site.

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Get Your Own Free Counter

To get yours click here to sign up. With our service you place a small image on your web-site and we’ll register information such as when, from where and by using what your visitors have visited your site. (Click HERE for a demo report)

You can choose from different counter styles, our logo, logo and visitor count, invisible and traditional style.

The service is free and will not display any ads on your website. The service is supported by the ads you can see on top of our pages.

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Q: Is it possible for you to capture the email address of my visitors?
A: No, This is not technically possible. And even if it was, we would not supply this feature due to the possible spam-abuse.
Q: Can you please explain “Unique” and “Total Visits”
A: Well, Unique is the number of VISITORS you had, and total visits is… total visits. Meaning that in the “Unique” number reloads is not counted.
Q: What’s “Configurable Domains”?
A: Ever asked yourself if President Clinton ever visits your website? You can check that by entering “” in the “Configurable Domain” space. Then Every time Clinton or anyone else from the white house visits your website, we’ll track them.
By entering “” you’ll track “everythingWHITEHOUSE.GOV” so both Clinton’s and all his friends visits will be tracked.
Q: What’s “Configurable Referrers”?
A: Got some friends who link to your website? By entering a part of their url in each “Configurable Referrer” field you’ll see just how many visitors they send to your website. Same here as in the domains, if you enter “yahoo” we’ll count both “” “” and “” If you type “new” we’ll catch the next unknown referrer.
Q: I have no idea how to get the counter up on my page.
A: We have an installation utility on our homepage that will help you. Log in to your account, click “Configure”, click “HTML code”. At the very bottom you’ll find a button that says “Browse”. Click it and choose the file in which you want your counter installed. The program will then insert the code into your HTML code and the counter is ready to use.
Q: I get script errors when viewing my page with the counter on it.
A: The script errors usually go away if you replace the old counter code with a new one. Log in to your account, click “Configure”, click “HTML code” and copy the code there and replace the old code with the new code.
Q: I lost my password and/or my account number.
A: Please use the e-mail search on our homepage to get the account info:
Q: The time of the hits seems to be a few hours wrong.
A: Log in to your account, click “Configure”, click “Accountinfo” and change the timezone. (If you don’t know in which timezone you live, just visit your site and note the time of your hit. Then log in to your account and check the time registered. You should with that info be able to figure out how many hours should be added or taken off
Q: I want The Counter not to count my own visits.
A: Log in to your account, click “Configure”, click “Privacy” and click the “Don’t count me” link. (You’ll have to have “Accept all cookies” enabled in order for this to work).
Q: How do I reset my counter?
A: Log in to your account, click “Configure”, click “Reset” and there you’ll find it.
Q: Lately I have seen “Direct request” in the “Last 10 referrals” statistics. What does this mean?
A: “Direct request” means that the visitor did not follow a link to get to your page.
Q: I would like to be able to see more than the last 10 referrals. Can that be done?
A: No, our servers are under alot of stress just the last 10 so to show more than that would probably kill them.
Q: Does The Counter count/track all pages within a site?
A: The Counter counts/tracks only the page on which it is installed.
Q: I would like to see stats for all the pages within my site. Is this possible?
A: Well, if you want total stats from all your pages you could insert the same code on all pages. Most likely, though, you’d want to get individual stats from each page and then you’ll have to sign up for additional counters.
Q: I heard that you provide four different counter styles. How do I change?
A: Log in to your account, click “Configure”, click “Style” (in fact your’e allready there after clicking “Configure”) and select the style you want.
Q: I would like to change e-mail/URL. How do I do that?
A: Log in to your account, click “Configure”, click “Accountinfo” and make the changes.
Q: I would like to change my password. How do I do that?
A: Log in to your account, click “Configure”, click “Password” and change it.
Q: When I try to log in to my account I get “Invalid password”.
A: The password function is case sensitive. Please try again and check that upper and lower case letters are where they belong.
Q: Can you please remove my account?
A: Remove Account

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A unique visitor is a hit from a single IP within 24 hours.


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Service offered in honor of extinct The Counter dot com
that provided a unbeatable service to the Internet from 1998 to 2012. topology

We keep simple but powerful our 100gbps network because we understand that uptime matters and speed too.

Currently we operate 10+ additional satellites nodes around the globe that serve in case that we detect a closest and fastest connections available.


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Service offered in honor of extinct The Counter dot com
that provided a unbeatable service to the Internet from 1998 to 2012.